TAKE 4 – Whole Gallery
ART MUST be!  For the creative souls among us, the drive for self- expression is always there. An energy that flows out, in different forms, and challenges both the creator and observer.
In this exhibition, four very different personalities come together to display this energy, showing how colour, form and medium can be so very different, but always evocative.
Art comes in many forms. We speak of “the art of….”practically anything! It is diversity that makes life interesting…and fun. Who wants the “humdrum”? All artists strive to make an impact. They want to challenge you, to please you and to make you think.  Art is fascinating! The icing on the cake of life. It can make something functional, beautiful, as in a bridge.  Art IS a bridge between people, yet can also divide. It can be simple…and wildly complex. Yes, fascinating indeed. We hope you find something in the offerings here that grabs you. In the nicest possible way, of course! 

June McCotter              For many years a talented potter, her evolution into purely visual art has brought her much acclaim.  Her love of the Australian bush and its people are very evident in her work.

Paul Musk                          A relative newcomer to the “art scene”, having been restricted, as most are, by the confines of work commitments.  A photographer, painter, sculptor, collector and medal-winning chef, his artistic talents have hitherto been largely confined to the edible.

Rhonda Pullen                 A self-taught artist, her love of colour gives her the inspiration to pick up a brush to start another colourful day.  A lot of her work is childlike but that’s the way the brush wants to go.

Kids Korner

Wondai State School

Opening Night

Friday, 7th December 2018, from 6pm.
$5.00 entry includes Hot & Cold Supper & Punch
Wine will be served by Clovely Estate Winery
Live Entertainment


Heather Stanton from Heather’s Hobby and Sharon McDonald from Wenden Photography (First Gallery)

This collection from Heather and Sharron is of photographs taken mainly around the South Burnett, Queensland and on overseas adventures. Both Heather and Sharron are very passionate about their photography which shows in their beautiful collections.

Tony Adams (Second Gallery)

The work I’ve presented in this exhibition is a mix of some of my older work to my present drawings. I have work from over 10 years ago that still hang on my walls, not been able to let them go. I can see the slow improvement I have made from then till now. 

My drawings are a mix of charcoal (my favourite medium) plus graphite, carbon, pastel and some coloured pencil. The colour is a break from my rigid belief that all I could do is black and white. My SLOW PROGRESSION. In the future I intend to do more Portraits, Landscapes, some still life’s, my version of them. 

Using what I have learned over the last 12 months in these other subjects I hope to show some improvement their as well as my favourite subjects, Birds and Nature. 

Helenna Dohle and Stuart Efstathis
This exhibition is an attempt to convey the multi-faceted nature of Australian Life.  Stuart’s photographs aim to capture the silent beauty of Australian landscapes, while also showcasing the animation of rural Australia.  Helena’s varied artworks show the vivid characters who shape our cultural heritage, from the Rural champion, Slim Dusty to the immensely popular comedienne, Rebel Wilson.               

Kids Korner
Tingoora State School

Opening Night
Friday, 1st February 2018, from 6pm.
$5.00 entry includes Hot & Cold Supper & Punch
Wine will be served by Kingsley Grove Winery
Live Entertainment



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